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Conversations - Open to Share with a TWIST

Hi my lovelies! I haven't blogged in awhile and there has been so much going on! Let's get down to the nitty gritty - Open to Share Podcast has been on hold due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Unfortunately approaching strangers and clipping on a microphone just doesn't meet guidelines to stay 6 feet away ;) Soooo...I've started "Open to Share Conversations"!!! These are scheduled phone calls that are NOT recorded. They are completely confidential one on one conversations. The idea came from my own need to reach out to someone when I was struggling. I don't have insurance and I didn't have the funds to schedule a call or meeting with a counselor as appointments range anywhere from $80-$200 per session. I know there are crisis help lines out there, but I wasn't in crisis...I just needed someone to talk to - TA DA~! An idea was born!

I LOVE and cherish one on one conversations. I love that people are so unique and that indeed we ALL have a story - whether we keep it hidden or shout it from the rooftops. I LOVE to listen and I ask genuine questions to understand you and your situation. These calls are about YOU and working through what you need to work through. Often just talking it out with a friend (me) can help you break through any barriers or restrictions you may have put up around the situation. Give it a shot - the rate is extremely low! If this isn't something you have an interest in or need for, please feel free to share with those in your circles.

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